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One solution,

a hundred possible applications.

Our modules.

Whether you want to generate customer interest, close deals, optimize processes or simply make your customers more satisfied, we have a solution for you.

Generate deals



Submitted documents (e.g. energy performance certificates) are checked automatically and documents are actively managed so that you can deploy your resources where they are needed.

Document Management


Enable your customers a fair and transparent financing decision within seconds, including automated pre-screening for creditworthiness, based on your digitized risk heuristics and additional API integrations.

Automated Financing Decision

05 —

Save time for yourself and your customers by automating the creation of contracts and signing them digitally according to regulatory standards.

Contract processing and management

What is Modulace?

We digitize customer journeys and automate internal processes. Developed specifically for banks, adapted to their requirements and always in tune with the times.


Generate customer interest



​01 —

Provide your customers a transparent access to current conditions and service descriptions through product calculators (e.g., financing or household calculators).

Calculator for Products

​02 —

Digitally engage your customers and generate not only interest but also potential leads via digital touchpoints.

User Onboarding

Optimize and automate processes



Save your resources by automating processes for time-consuming and/or recurring tasks.

Automated Processes


We ensure the fast, secure and efficient transfer of data between systems and devices for you. All data remains with you.

​​Automated Data Transfer

10 —

Extend functionality and generate new use cases by leveraging internal and external APIs. With state-of-the-art technology, you are ready to meet market requirements.

​​API Integrations

Seamless API integration

We can connect the modules to all APIs - regardless of whether they originate from your IT environment or from third-party providers.

Flexible hosting options

​​The modules can be hosted in a cloud environment (AWS, Microsoft, Google) or in your own data center.

​Compliant & secure

​​We ensure that the modules meet all requirements such as GDPR, IT security, regulatory and legal requirements.

Modern user interface

​​We perform regular updates to ensure the best user interface and experience, and take care of maintenance and operations.

Always state-of-the-art.

Our technology.

  • Yes, we don't want to reinvent the wheel. That's why we want to benefit from services in which other companies are experts. We do this by integrating third-party APIs (Application Processing Interfaces) to enable services such as up-to-the-minute property valuations, digital signature and identification, etc. Of course, you can decide which third-party providers you want us to integrate.

  • For automated decision making, we combine internal calculations, data and rules with external services. For example, if you need automated decision making for a mortgage loan, we digitize your financial institution's risk assessment and heuristics and combine them with integrations such as the local credit bureau, real estate appraisal, and so on. The decision can be available within seconds.

  • Thanks to flexible IT equipment and our know-how, we can digitize/automate (almost) any process and adapt it to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integrations and optimized efficiency. If you have a specific use case in mind, feel free to contact us at

  • The cost of our modules depends on your specific use case, your requirements and the desired depth of integration. However, we can guarantee that we can always find an affordable solution.

  • Yes, our modules can be combined with each other without any dependencies. Even if you have already digitized some parts, we can take advantage of this and just add more modules to represent the end-to-end process. The easy extensibility of the digital product landscape is one of our advantages.

  • We can deliver a module within 2-6 weeks. However, the exact schedule depends on the module, the level of integration and your specific use case. Some time should also be allowed for final testing, GDPR and IT security checks, etc. before going live. We will of course develop a schedule according to your requirements.

  • We regularly perform user tests and optimize our modules on an ongoing basis. This means you benefit from free updates and improvements. In addition, you receive a tracking dashboard for each module, so that you can view the paths and behavior of the users at any time and optimize the offer. With our included maintenance package, we send you monthly maintenance reports on the technical details.

​​Everything you need to know about the product.

Frequently asked questions.


​We listened to stakeholders from the financial industry and understood what was needed:

A user-oriented front end combined with cutting-edge technology to easily extend a bank's product landscape as desired.

Verena Heil

Managing Director

We have solutions for problems. With Modulace, we digitize customer journeys, automate processes and generate digital leads.

Meeting banking user needs with Modulace

So profitieren Sie von Modulace

Maximum efficiency. Minimal risk & investment.

This is how you benefit from Modulace.

Satisfy customers


​06 —

Whether you want to rate properties, upload and create documents, or save progress - everything is ready for your customers, optimized for all devices.

Customer Portal

​07 —

Assist your customers in important decisions - with video meetings, chatbots or live chats.

Customer Service


2 —

​​We offer a white label solution that adapts to your requirements and needs.


4 —

​An online sales channel with 100% digital close capability provides access to a broader customer base.


1 —

​We have accompanied numerous projects in the digital banking sector with viable and know what is important.


3 —

​Within 2 weeks, the module tailored to your needs is ready for use and you can already gather initial insights into user behavior.

Time to market

Are you interested? Get in touch with us today!

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2 —

With each module, you get a tracking dashboard to monitor and better understand the behavior of your users, taking into account regulatory requirements. All data remains with you.

Detailed Data Analysis

4 —

We specialize in digitalization in the financial industry and share our knowledge and experience on topics such as IT security, IT architecture, customer needs, or user interface design.

Consulting for banks

1 —

​Our modules are combinable and extendable - put together a product based on your needs and the needs of your customers.


3 —

We ensure seamless integration of the modules into your banking system and thus guarantee efficient bi-directional data and information exchange.

Seamless Integration

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